Wesleyan Chapel UMC

In 1776 a 25 year old brick molder named Christian Hoopman and his 27 year old brother, Peter, a millwright by trade, came to America. They settled in Harford County near the present site of Wesleyan Chapel United Methodist Church. They prospered at their vocations of building houses and mills, respectively, and gradually acquired more land, including the land on which the church was eventually built. In 1788 Christian married a Miss Boffett, and later sired four children.

Christian was a devout churchman. In 1826, at the age of 75, he decided to build a church on a little knoll on his property. It is believed that he personally molded the bricks from clay in the area, and then laid them himself to build the sturdy little chapel that still stands as a monument to his foresight in building for the future and his skill as a master mechanic of his time.

In 1912 the present narthex was added to the church building.

In 1955 the present educational wing of the church was built to house the Sunday School and church social activities.

Wesleyan Chapel has its own cemetery which is maintained by the Church Trustees. The cemetery was started in 1826 the same time the church was built. The founder of the church is buried there.  There is a civil war veteran buried in the cemetery who was honored with a special stone several year ago. There is a lot of history in this cemetery. In 2005 it was decided by the Church Trustees that no more burial lots would be sold. 

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